Kriya Yoga Meditation: About Kunjan Chauhan 

About Kunjan Chauhan

Kunjan Chauhan
As a child I was immersed in the mythological narrative of India as well as other major religions. I was enthused by tales promising great powers and wisdom.

These same tales, instilled in me an earnest desire for the truth and simple answers that would explain my most pressing questions. Religion with it's many biases and dependencies on "rules" was only partially acceptable. It made no sense to me why any one religion should be true and the others false. Science and logic were great, but limited to our physical, four dimensional world and when pushed to the limits, limited to Einsteinian thought experiments and theorems. Poetry and literature fed my emotional needs and filled me with wonder but were ultimately limited in that the experience was filtered through internal mental and emotional constructs.

Without quite realizing it, I started meditating at the age of nine. Today after forty years of practice, I have made significant progress. I have experienced much and no longer need emotional props, faith or intellectual models to encourage me in my practice. I feel balanced.

I now teach at the request of my teacher. It is only right that we who have benefitted, also take time to teach others wishing to follow and to experiment.

My mission in teaching meditation is simple. I would like all my students to reach the highest stages of self-realization and in doing so to achieve peace and serenity in all that they do and all that life throws at them.

To find out more about my professional career, please see here.

I teach in Switzerland and in other countries around the world. Feel free to contact me for more information.

Some testimonials

Kunjan has been a great teacher on my Kriya path. My recent life has been marked by many personal and professional challenges and meditation has given me the calmness and stability to make it through. With frequent encouragement from Kunjan, I have been able to develop a steady practice routine from which I derive joy and peacefulness. I feel that my physical body functions better as a result of my practice and emotionally I have been so much more stable. Though I have been a real mess at times, so it is easy to improve from such lows. I don’t think the Kriya path is for everyone, but Kunjan makes it accessible to the brain and to the heart. He really cares and connects with his students and he felt and reached out exactly when I was hitting my real low points. I very much enjoy hearing Kunjan's voice (almost) daily as I use the guided meditation recording.

Name withheld, Zurich

In the beginning of the 1990s I met Kriya-Yoga Master, Swami Shankarananda Giri from Bhubaneswar, India. That was when I started to meditate seriously. Over 20 years of meditation has given me a lot spiritually. Teachings like Kriya Yoga go from the teacher to student, who then becomes a teacher himself. So, when I met Kunjan some years ago, I was convinced from the first moment, that he would be one of the right heirs to pass on these techniques.

Kunjans teachings are easy to understand, but nevertheless of a profound nature. His teachings are filled with the explanations needed. Every second one can feel how much it means to him, to pass on the abundance of Kriya Yoga to his students. Needless to say, Kunjan's life is centred around divine principles.

André H. Corell, Zurich

Being a Hatha Yoga teacher, I have meditated for a long time. I felt that I needed a new input to progress further. I was immediately impressed by Kriya Meditation and its ability to guide me progressively deeper and deeper. It consistently brings me to those places that with other techniques I would accidentally stumble across. I feel that with every session I learn something more, and the experience continually deepens.

Meditation gives me the inner calm and strength to face life with all it’s ups and downs with a measure of equanimity. The storm may rage outside, but there is a place deep within that stays absolutely calm, untouched and peaceful.

Kunjan is a very kind and dedicated teacher. He’s always there to answer questions and support us in our practice. His way of teaching is clear, authentic and easy to understand, and I feel fortunate to learn from his long experience with Kriya.

Adrienne Hanich, Lausanne